The life cycle is about taking a year out of my conventional life to travel our planet by bicycle, seeking adventure and new horizons, and raising money for young people for whom illness prevents such opportunity.


I leave London on 4th August 2014 to ride West across England, Wales and Ireland before crossing the American continent from Boston to San Francisco, on to Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and all the way back home to the UK to see my mum. This is at least the plan, but who knows… See completely geographically inaccurate map above.

Pete and I begin this trip together and others may join along the way. The route is unplanned. We will be camping wild to keep costs down, travelling light so we can move quickly and push on into prevailing headwinds. We will undoubtedly be relying on the support of strangers to keep us motivated and moving forward each day.


Cycling is the best way to see our world. It’s slow enough that you capture every sight, smell and sound, but fast enough to cover the ground and to be permanently interesting. Every day is physically and mentally tough to challenge your will and resilience, and I love that. For 8 years I have been harbouring the wish to make this trip; there has never been a right time and there never will. So I’ve set a date, bought a bike and that date has arrived.

It would be a privilege if in doing this we are able to inspire someone else to do something similar as I once was. To take time out of their life for a day, month, or for the rest of days, to chase down an experience that means the world to them. Often i’m guilty of being a person who is going to do everything someday. It’s terribly unfulfilling to be always promising the pursuit of dreams but rarely executing them. If one person is inspired by this trip, to pursue memories over money, to fill their life with something new and brave, then I will consider it a triumph.

If we succeed or fail this will be a life changing opportunity. There is no doubt. Due to the cards that life deals us many young people do not have an opportunity to pursue a goal like this and may never have. Seven young people each day are diagnosed with a life changing and potentially fatal cancer in the UK. Being too ill too young, facing hospital, drugs and the reality of life and death at such a young age requires a level of courage greater than the most daring of adventures. It is for these 7 young people each day that I will be raising money and helping build awareness for this excellent charity, the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Please sponsor me on this journey for the bravest young people for whom our support is critical.

Thank you for your support.